Restrictions regarding use of tourniquet

We recommend that you try to use the opposite arm for blood pressure, since it occludes flow to the area, especially if the patient is moving around and the blood pressure cuff has to keep trying to pump up and down, and can take a prolonged time period. We commonly insert the IV in the same arm, just not around where the hemostasis band would have to be placed. I don’t think there are any contra-indications to this, but we try to maintain flow to the radial artery for 24 hours. There are no studies to support this (or not support this) that I am aware of. I will ask at the International Radial Conference in September, in England.


I would like to confirm that there are no restrictions regarding the use of a tourniquet, non-invasive blood pressure measurements, phlebotomy, or IV insertion in the arm used for radial artery catheterization within the first 24hours after the procedure is performed.
Thank you.