TERUMO® is the Industry Leader in Education and Training

TERUMO offers educational opportunities when and where you need them.

Meeting the challenges of today’s dynamic healthcare environment requires focus, adaptability, and experience. Our tailored training curriculum offers customized peer-to-peer educational opportunities dedicated to helping professionals focus on deepening their expertise to help deliver clinical value, economic benefit, and enhanced patient outcomes.

  • Transradial Hands-On Training
  • Peer-to-Peer Proctorship
  • Advanced Transradial Courses
  • Patient and Lab Setup

Peer-to-Peer Proctorships

All of our educational opportunities are peer-to-peer. Whether you are a physician, nurse, cardiovascular tech or support staff, we will match you with others in your field.

When and Where

Onsite Education
Observe and learn from our KOLs during regularly scheduled monthly courses hosted at their clinical setting. Or, TERUMO will arrange for a KOL to visit your facility to train your entire team.

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